Act8 Design provides interaction design and user experience design consulting. Our goal is to help companies create interactive systems that are useful, useable, and a pleasure to use. We do this by helping teams identify and correct the following gaps in their design approach:

This ideal process can be hard to implement. We understand that each team is unique and each product is unique. We can help you decide how to invest the resources you have to give your users the most pleasing experience possible.

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The best designs come through a process of continuous improvement, with each iteration comprising requirements gathering, brainstorming, prototyping, and evaluation. This is sometimes called design thinking.


Getting to know your users’ perspective can be difficult, but it is essential. Without it, you won’t have the empathy you need to design a good experience for them.

Personas and scenarios can capture this perspective.


To get good ideas, you need a lot of ideas. Many teams get fixated on their first idea and need help to unlock their creative potential.


To make good design decisions, you must make your ideas concrete. Many prototyping methods have evolved to make this easier, but choosing wrong method can waste precious time.


It’s best to evaluate with real users, but how should you recruit them?What will they do, and what data will you collect? How should you interpret that data to make a decision? Again, choosing poorly wastes time and money.