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Founder and Consultant

Richard C. Davis

Richard C. Davis has over 20 years’ experience designing and building interactive systems both in industry and research. Richard completed his bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science (with a minor in Theater Arts) at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology in 1995. He then designed, implemented, and evaluated a variety of systems in industry, such as microchip design tools at Intel Corp., collaborative sketching tools for the mimio electronic whiteboard (Virtual Ink Corp.), video effects and titling tools for BorisFX (Artel Software, Inc.), and debugging tools for the Simulink dynamic systems simulator (The MathWorks, Inc.).


In 2008, Richard completed a Ph.D. in Computer Science at the University of California, Berkeley, focusing on Human-Computer Interaction. He spent the following eight years as an Assistant Professor of Information Systems at Singapore Management University. There he designed a new interaction design course for the core curriculum and advised numerous student teams.


Richard’s scholarly work focused on the design, implementation, and evaluation of novel creative and collaborative systems. For example, WatchMe used a smart watch to detect stereotypical behavior in children with neurodevelopmental disorders and alert their parents. CoFaçade helped elder adults use computer applications through a simple remote control programmed by family members. K-Sketch was a sketch-based animation tool that helped novices create rich animations quickly. SketchWizard helped designers quickly create wizard-of-oz prototypes of sketching interfaces. NotePals was a collaborative note-taking system for handheld devices that helped teams create a shared understanding of their experiences. More information on these projects is available through publications in the Association of Computing Machinery’s digital library.