Act8 Design provides software design and development consulting services. Our goal is to help companies create interactive systems that are useful, usable, and a pleasure to use. With over 20 years of experience building cutting-edge systems, we can help your company at all stages of the development pipeline.

Design Thinking

Some companies don’t know how to get their creative energy flowing. We can help you make innovation part of your culture.

User Research

If you’re getting unexpected complaints or low sales, then you may not know your users as well as you think. We can help you connect with them.

Interface Prototyping

Perhaps you have some ideas but don’t know if they will work. We can build low-cost prototypes to help you evaluate your ideas.

Software Development

If you need something built, or if you need to sharpen your development processes, we can help. We develop software for web, mobile, and wearables.

Design Evaluation

Are you sure that your design is working? We can show you how to spot problems and establish a process of continuous improvement.

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